Carmina Burana

 The South Netherlands Philharmonic, La Fura dels Baus, Cultura Nova Festival, Parkstad Limburg Theaters and IBA Parkstad proudly present: Carmina Burana in the spectacular Beaujean Sand Quarry in Heerlen.

On Saturday the 25th and Sunday the 26th of August, a spectacular open-air performance of Carmina Burana takes place, during Festival Cultura Nova. The Spanish theatrecompany La Fura dels Baus and the South Netherlands Philharmonic will perform the masterpiece by the German composer Carl Orff (1895-1982) against the fairy-tale backdrop of the Beaujean Silver Sand Quarry in Heerlen. This performance is the absolute highlight of Cultura Nova 2018.

La Fura dels Baus has performed at Cultura Nova several times before. Catalan director Carlus Padrissa is responsable for the direction of Carmina Burana with its popular song 'O Fortuna'. La Fura dels Baus produces multimedia shows that are physical, expressive, and confrontational. They had their breakthrough with the opening ceremony of the Barcelona Olympics and during the years they have touched the hearts of more then 150.000 visitors with Carmina Burana. During Cultura Nova they will play Carmina Burana for the first time in the Netherlands. 

Total theatre in the open air

Carmina Burana was adapted by Carlus Padrissa into an intense musical theatre performance. The audience is immersed in a universe full of striking images and special effects. A huge cylinder covered in tulle literally surrounds the orchestra and acts as a cinema screen, while images projected on it illustrate Orff’s hymn to Fortuna, the goddess of luck, fate, and fortune, from start to finish. With more than 90 musicians in the orchestra ánd 90 choir-members it promises to be a spectaculair evening that leaves no one unmoved. 

This version of Carmina Burana is a co-production by Cultura Nova, Parkstad Limburg Theaters, and the South Netherlands Philharmonic. The orchestra celebrates its fifth anniversary in season 2018-2019 with a series of special concerts. Carmina Burana is the first one. Opera Zuid and the Aachen Symphonic Choir are responsible for the choral singing, while the musical direction is in the hands of Spanish conductor Josep Vicent. The leading roles are played by Amparo Navarro (soprano), Jordi Domenech (countertenor), Toni Marsol (baritone), and Luca Espinosa (actress). And last but not least, twelve dancers from the Limburg House of Arts are also involved in the show. Director Carlus Padrissa brings everyone together into one large-scale production. 

More information about the artistic and musical leader
Carlus Padrissa evolved with La Fura dels Baus from the punk movement and now directs operas for major opera houses. Carlus Padrissa is a renowned director and multimedia artist. La Fura dels Baus created a large-scale sensation for the first time when it designed the opening ceremony for the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. In 1999, Gerard Mortier discovered Carlus Padrissa and his group for opera.
The musical director Josep Vicent is currently the artistic director and conductor of the World Orchestra. Vicent started his international career as a percussionist with the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra and has appeared as guest conductor for the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra among others.

A spectacular location
The Beaujean Silver Sand Quarry forms the setting for this fantastic open-air spectacle. The Heerlen sand quarries, including that of Beaujean, play an important role in the city’s development. The Beaujean Quarry is one of the IBA locations (Internationale Bau Ausstellung) in Parkstad Limburg. This area has a different, recreational purpose and will gradually be returned to nature and partly be opened to allow people to experience the former quarries. Carmina Burana marks this transition. This location is therefore the perfect place for Parkstad Limburg Theaters and Cultura Nova to present an innovative version of a well-known musicpiece.

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For a quick impression of Carmina Burana by La Fura dels Baus, click here.

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