philharmonie zuidnederland 2020-2021

The connecting strength of music

As a symphony orchestra, philharmonie zuidnederland is an institution that speaks through music. This music has the magical power of enabling musicians and audiences to get in close touch with their innermost feelings and grandest thoughts. That is why music needs to be cherished and be brought to life. And that is why philharmonie zuidnederland creates the most beautiful experiences. After all, music can touch us to the core and bring us all closer together. That connecting strength of music is manifest in all our activities. 

Music in times of corona

In this hectic era of COVID-19, it is all the more important to stay in close touch with each other. For that reason, philharmonie zuidnederland can be heard all the time and everywhere, inside as well as outside the concert halls, both online and offline. To enable this, philharmonie zuidnederland conscientiously creates new concert programmes and education activities, fitted in and measured by the latest rules and advises by the Dutch government and the RIVM [National Institute for Public Health and the Environment]. This way, the orchestra will always get the most out of whatever is possible at the time. Sometimes it may be an intimate concert for a small audience, at other times a Livestream Concert that visitors can enjoy from the safety of their homes. Using the hashtag #philgood, the orchestra is happy to make these hard times a little easier. 

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Rooted in the region

The philharmonie zuidnederland has a vibrant relationship with society in the South of the Netherlands. First and foremost, it is an orchestra for the people living in the provinces of North Brabant, Limburg, and Zeeland. In addition, the orchestra profiles itself both nationally and internationally. The philharmonie zuidnederland will always be present at the most important moments. Think of the great public events like Opera op de Parade and the Opera Sing Along, both in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. And the Liberation Concert in Margraten has become a tradition that cannot be ignored either. Or think of such striking performances at Cultura Nova in Heerlen and of course the ever popular Vastelaovend and Carnival Concerts in Limburg and Brabant. Also of note are the many collaborations, like with the contemporary music festival November Music in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, with amateur musicians, and with rising stars from the Maastricht and Tilburg music academies, applying to our format The Orchestra Academy. The philharmonie zuidnederland also has introduced itself to the world of business, with the inspiring business event Leading the South.


Classical music has an enormously rich past. But there cannot be tradition if there is no room for renewal. That is why philharmonie zuidnederland also holds innovation dear. This innovative ambition manifests itself in diverse, renewing projects. On the one hand, philharmonie zuidnederland invests in research into changes and developments in the world of classical music, as one of the organising parties of the Maastricht Centre for the Innovation of Classical Music (MCICM). The MCICM is an interdisciplinary research institute that originated in a collaboration between the orchestra, Maastricht University, and Zuyd Hogeschool. Within the institute, the orchestra plays the role of laboratory to test new ideas in practice. On the other hand, philharmonie zuidnederland also develops new concert formulas and initiates interdisciplinary collaborations with, for instance, theater and dance companies. 

Education, talent development, and the future

The philharmonie zuidnederland is proud of her extensive education programmes, also in the 2020-2021 season though of course adapted to all current corona requirements. Small ensembles with orchestra musicians travel to primary school to let pupils experience live classical music from up close. In the theaters and concert halls, students will meet the whole symphony orchestra and they will participate in the performances. For secondary schools, philharmonie zuidnederland is able to deliver custom-made programmes in which the students can experience live classical music and meet and greet the performing musicians in ways that fit their personal lifestyles. In April 2020 the orchestra launched its Musical Pals format, a musical website especially designed for kids. This website adds to the orchestra a number of appealing, online music challenges. Come what may, philharmonie zuidnederland will always offer children between 4 and 18 years old those precious magical musical moments. 

Stay Tuned

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