Feel safe, feel welcome, #philgood

Feel safe, feel welcome, #philgood

After such a long time, the moment we were allowed to bring you live music again in our concert halls, brought smiles to many faces. We were allowed to welcome many of you with open arms - with the necessary distance of course. Sadly, the current situation has changed yet again. Although our musicians are allowed to make music together, the audience is not able to come listen. But: we are hopeful for the future and the moment we can be in the concert hall together again.

It will take some time to adjust, being in the concert hall together with other visitors and our musicians again. But: together we guarantee a safe concert visit. How this works, is described in the picture below. Click to enlarge.

These illustrations are designed by Stang!

veilig philgood concert

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Agnes Martens and Roxanne Doyen.