Do you think classical music is old-fashioned? Having to listen to the same ancient symphonies and sonatas every time? No way! The South Netherlands Philharmonic stands for innovation of the classical music experience. With its concertseries i-Classics, the orchestra is challenging the boundaries of the existing forms of presentation of classical music and offers a variety of cross-disciplinary encounters with other artforms.

This season the South Netherlands Philharmonic presents three editions of i-Classics.

i-Classis Music & Light: Skriabin's Prometheus

Over a hundred years ago, Alexander Scriabin dreamed of a symphony of light, as the natural obverse of a symphony of sound. Back in his day, a dream; nowadays, the South Netherlands Philharmonic makes it into a reality, together with the Blauwe Uur and Toneelgroep Maastricht. With Prometheus the three create a singular, mesmerising, overwhelming total experience of sound, light, colour, and theatre. 

i-Classics Empty Minds

Experience live classical music in a completely new way! More than 50 musicians are following your movement through the concert venue, enabling you and the rest of the audience to reorder and shape the music being played. Feel the vibration of the strings, hear the breathing of the brass players and free your mind during i-Classics Empty Minds. Rather than leaning back you will become a part of a complete experience of music, fashion and video in collaboration with the South Netherlands Philharmonic, art collective playField and Fashionclash.

i-Classics Music & Food
La Grande Bouffe is considered one of the most controversial and decadent films in French history. A brutal attack on the establishment, it is also a highly sensuous film. Tickling the senses is what the orchestra, actors of Toneelgroep Maastricht, and WOW Food will do too, in this musical temptation. In short: a seduction with fragrance, colour, taste, and sound. A new chapter in a series of successful collaborations between Toneelgroep Maastricht and the South Netherlands Philharmonic. The spoken language is Dutch.

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