The South Netherlands Philharmonic is a vibrant, professional symphony orchestra with a rich diversity of concert formulas. 

At this moment there are no current vacancies. 

The repertoire covers the complete symphonic canon, from ancient masterpieces to exhilarating world premières. Under the direction of its intendant Stefan Rosu, the South Netherlands Philharmonic is an organisation that continuous to push its borders. This drive to innovate manifests itself in the i-Classics concerts, in adventurous crossovers, grand public events, and by pointedly bridging the gaps with big business, like during the business network event Leading the South. In addition, the South Netherlands Philharmonic is the symphonic laboratory of the Maastricht Centre for the Innovation of Classical Music, MCICM. The international ambitions become most clear in this season’s new series of Meisterkonzerte (Master Concerts) in Aachen, which the orchestra produces. But the vibrant connection to the Southern Netherland’s manifold societies always stand at the forefront. Think of the many successful projects the orchestra undertakes in this region with all the important happenings. Together with the qualitative education programme the South Netherlands Philharmonic has adopted, the orchestra truly proves to be for everyone. Students from both primary and secondary schools can experience the power and enchantment of live music for themselves and really up close.

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