FAQ Livestream Concerts

What are Livestream Concerts?

A Livestream Concert is a live or direct broadcast of a concert where the audience cannot be physically present. You’ll be connected to us through your personal computer, laptop, smartphone, iPad or tablet. The musicians of philharmonie zuidnederland will perform live for you, but instead of hearing their playing in the concert hall, you will be able to see them at home, on your device. ‘Live’ in this context means that you’ll be able to see the action at the same time it is taking place. 

The Livestream Concerts of the philharmonie zuidnederland can be viewed on the streaming platform Concerts at Home. Once you have seen a live broadcast of a concert, you can rewatch it via the Concerts at Home Video on Demand option, valid for two months after the performance. 

In order to make a livestream, several cameras will be placed on location and connected to the internet. That way, the live footage can be easily broadcast to the viewers at home. The director makes sure you’ll only receive the right footage. Did you know that some musicians lend a helping hand backstage during a Livestream Concert? They assist the director with reading the sheet music for him and give him a cue when, say, the oboe-player has a solo. With good direction, you’ll be able to see the oboist at home while he’s playing his solo. Our violinist Machiel made a short video about it, check it here!

Where can I view the Livestream Concerts?

The Livestream Concerts can be viewed on your personal computer, laptop, smartphone, iPad or tablet. For an optimal concert experience, we suggest you watch the concert on the biggest possible screen. You can connect your laptop to your TV, for instance (for instructions, click here).

What do I need to watch a Livestream Concert?

  1. You need a device on which you can watch a Livestream Concert. Preferably a personal computer, laptop, tablet or iPad, or your smartphone. 
  2. Make sure your device has the latest version of your browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari). 
  3. Make sure you have a stable internet connection.
  4. Make an account on Classicnl. You need to have this account on time. You can choose what amount you would like to pay for a Livestream Concert (you can already enjoy a concert for €5,-!). Log in 15 minutes in advance to enjoy the Livestream Concert by philharmonie zuidnederland. The website is in Dutch, but we made an instruction for you in English! Click here.

Can I log in even after a Livestream Concert has already started? 

Yes, you can. You can watch a Livestream Concert from as soon as you log in. About an hour after the end of the Livestream Concert, you can rewatch the whole concert at any given moment for two whole months via the ‘on demand’-option simply by logging into your account. 

When can I watch the Livestream Concert?

The actual Livestream Concert starts at 8pm, but you can already log in a little earlier, for example to see the warming up on stage and to get in the mood. Before the concert, you can also view the digital video introduction (you will find this in your Classicnl account). And if you decide to cast your broadcast via your TV-set, make sure to log in on time. Useful tip: refresh your page regularly. That way, you instantly know you have a direct live feed when the Livestream Concert begins. 

Can I switch devices during a Livestream Concert?

Yes, you can switch devices during a Livestream Concert. Of course you will have to log in on your Classicnl account on the other device as well.

Can I cast the Livestream Concert via Chromecast / AppleTV and such to my TV-set?

Yes, that is possible. To learn how that works, read this website
Be aware that you cannot cast to a Google Chromecast via your iPad or iPhone. You can cast from your laptop by opening the Livestream Concert hyperlink in the Google Chrome web browser and then casting the tab to your Chromecast (you will find this option in the drop-down menu in the upper right corner). 

On how many decives can I watch a Livestream Concert at the same time?

If you are logged in on multiple devices, you can watch the Livestream Concert on all those devices. Please note however that the concert might not completely run in sync. 

Can I pause a Livestream Concert or see it later? 

Pausing is not possible. You can however rewatch a Livestream Concert via your Classicnl account. You can do so two months after the actual performance. 

How many people can see the Livestream Concert with me?

You can invite as many people as you like. Be sure to keep a safe distance though!

Can I watch a Livestream Concert abroad?

Yes, you can log in if you are abroad. Do keep the time differences in mind though (CEST). 

Which browsers are suited to watch a Livestream Concert?

Your device needs the most recent versions of your browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari).

What do I do if I don’t see anything or if my livestream freezes?

First, refresh your browser page. Press F5 on your keyboard (Windows) or Command + R (Mac / Apple). Oftentimes, there is also a round arrow icon in your browser, right next to the address bar. Click this icon to refresh your page.  

If the livestream still isn’t functioning properly, you can try one of the following options:

  • Check your internet connection. Does the WiFi work? You can also switch to your 4G or cable network. 
  • Check if you are using the right internet browser. Suitable browsers are Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari. 
  • Check if you have accepted the cookies on the Classicnl website.
  • Check if your device battery is sufficiently charged. 

Can I get technical help during the Livestream Concert?

During the concert, we are not able to help you with your technical questions. For support, before or after the concert, please contact us at: marketing@philharmoniezuidnederland.nl